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via Smith Wave Pendant Necklace

via Smith Wave Pendant Necklace

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A small long rectangular pendant carefully stamped with tiny scalloped curves, reminiscent of waves. Made by Balinese silver smiths from 925 sterling silver, the surface has a matt finish. It hangs from a small ‘tube’ connector on a 66cm sterling silver ball chain. The rubber inner slider bead allows it to be adjusted to however long or short you need.

Pendant 17mm long, 9mm wide
Chain 66cm sterling silver

via SMiTH Jewellery
Silver smiths in Bali are known simply as “smiths”. Their craft is usually a family tradition – a profession passed down from one generation to the next. via SMiTH's production team is a small family run business (brother/ sister team) who train, support and employ a team of talented smiths.

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