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Native Seed Gift Box - Koala Food

Native Seed Gift Box - Koala Food

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Koala Gum Seed Bombs are made from 100% Australian clay & compost and selection of Eucalyptus seed from the Koala’s favourite –  it’s like a koala buffet!

Seed species include the Koala’s primary food sources – Forest red gum, Mountain grey, snow gum, blue leaved stringy bark & Peppermint gum.

Seedbombs have been used for hundreds of years all over the world to revegetate landscapes and re-wild the earth. The Clay protects the seeds until conditions are right for germination. Nourished by the rich compost they then explode into life.

They work well in garden spaces, schools and community projects – anywhere you want to support native species and protect koala habitat.

No gardening tools required, simply throw and grow!

Box contains seed bomb collection and a selection of striking ornamental dried gum nuts & native blossom so you can bring the Australian bush indoors.

Full instruction leaflet and everything you need to grow Koala Food.

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