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My Little Print Studio Framed Cyanotypes - Kangaroo Paw

My Little Print Studio Framed Cyanotypes - Kangaroo Paw

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Mini Original Cyanotype in a double glass metal hinged frame. Made in Adelaide by Tracey from My Little Print Studio

This beautiful double glass rustic black metal frame is a lovely finish to this original mini cyanotype of the kangaroo paw. The frames are full of character and each vary in their own way. Some frames have glimpses of gold shining through and some frames have slightly mis-matched corners. Each print is original and one of a kind. The print you receive may vary slightly from the photograph.

Cyanotypes are beautiful because of their variations. They are perfectly imperfect. The bold precise clear lines are engaging while the shadows adds depth to the print. Sometimes you can see a brush mark and the shade of blue may vary on the print itself. It is all apart of the print process and not considered a defect.

They are made by coating paper with a sensitising solution and placed in the sun to yield exposure. 

Original cyanotype, approx. 9.5cm x 9.5cm on watercolour paper.
The Frame is 10cm x 10cm (4x 4inches) and approx 18cm high with the string hanger. Height of frame, including metal hinge and clasp is approx 11cm.


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