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Kitty Came Home - Mabels Garden Blush Flower Hoop

Kitty Came Home - Mabels Garden Blush Flower Hoop

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Kitty Came Home has collaborated with South Australian artist Jessica Royans of Birds Nests for Hair. Jessica is locally renowned for her free spirited and heartfelt hand painted artwork and the accompanying quotes with which she famously adorns her planter pots.

Everything Jess does is magically imbued with her personal spirit and nature; sunshine and smiles!

This flower detail comes from the artwork 'Mabel's Garden', a super sweet collage of paper cut-out flowers and leaves.

The earrings are approximately 35mm in diameter, and the hoops are 30mm in diameter.

Surgical stainless steel earring wires for happy ears.

Kitty Came Home personally prints, finishes and assembles their light-weight aluminium jewellery range in-house.

Kitty Came Home combines vintage love with contemporary design, 100% designed and handmade in Goolwa, South Australia.

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