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Household Laundry & Dish Bar - Eucalyptus

Household Laundry & Dish Bar - Eucalyptus

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Household Laundry & Dish Bar - Eucalyptus. Two 80 gram bars of pure plant based cleaning power. Perfect for washing dishes, cleaning hard surfaces, removing stains and hand washing clothing. Natural, vegan, palm oil free and free from synthetic and artificial colours, fragrances and detergents.

For dishwashing, simply rub your wet dish cloth or dish brush across the bar and use on dishes. The same principle can be used for washing hard surfaces.

In the laundry use as a stain removing stick by rubbing onto damp clothing where stains are visible prior to placing clothes in the washing machine. This bar is also suitable for hand washing clothing.

Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil and essential oil.

Made by Sweet Nola

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