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Eadie Lifestyle Cheese Set (3 piece)

Eadie Lifestyle Cheese Set (3 piece)

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Elevate your entertaining with our hand crafted three piece cheese set. These unique stainless steel utensils are made with love using the traditional Indian method of sand casting. 

Practiced in India for centuries, the process is unique in that it allows for a high degree of precision and detail in the finished product. One of the main environmental benefits of sand casting is that it produces very little waste. It also uses relatively low temperatures compared to other casting methods. This reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as less energy is required to heat the metal to the required temperature for casting.

Every piece in Eadie's collection is hand made with love by the most talented Artisans. They work with the same two family run, accredited factories in India, who pride themselves on their amazing quality, company culture, superior staff conditions and best industry standards.

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