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Cooran Beeswax 37mm wide Pillar candle

Cooran Beeswax 37mm wide Pillar candle

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This range of pillars are 37mm at the base and are available in two different heights. They have a consistent flame height ranging from 20-40mm.

Pillars candles are an excellent choice for longer burning times when a large flame is desirable. They produce the most light of all our beeswax candles.

37mm pillars are suited to activities such as dinners, events, reading, meetings, conversations, long baths and bedtime.

Wider beeswax candles have a minimum burn time of 30 mins before blowing them out. This is to ensure the candle melts all the way to the edges before it is blown out.

Regularly lighting a wide beeswax candle for short periods will create a tunnel/hole, eventually this will drown the wick in wax and/or a lack of oxygen. 


-100% Pure Australian Beeswax.
-1 x 'lead free' cotton wick dipped in Beeswax.

Recommended Burning Practice: 

It is not necessary to burn pillars in any jars or tall walled containers. Placing a beeswax candle in any size jar will heat the jar and will cause the wax to melt and spill over. Placing a pillar in a jar will also create a draught making the candle flame flicker about. With this in mind, pillar candles are best burnt standing on a flat level surface.  As a free standing pillar, the candle will function as it should and the flame will burn straight and true, all the way to the base.

Trimming Wicks

With wide beeswax candles such as Pillars we recommend trimming your wicks back to within 5mm. This can be done with a pair of scissor whilst, before or after each burn. This practice will ensure an even height of your flame, prevent any melted wax from spilling over and give you the longest burning time per candle.

Breeze?...Draught?...Under a fan?

Candles are best burnt out of any breeze or draught. This will prevent the flame flicker about and the melted wax spilling over.

Made in Cooran in the Noosa Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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