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Peel and Tonic Cocktail Salts - Orange.

Peel and Tonic Cocktail Salts - Orange.

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Introducing Peel & Tonic’s Lavish Lemon cocktail rimming salt, the perfect addition to your bar essentials! This all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free blend combines the zesty freshness of blood orange with the savoury hit of premium natural salt, creating the ideal balance for your taste buds. With no added sugars, colours, or preservatives, rimming salt is sure to enhance the flavour of your cocktails without overpowering them. Perfect for classics like margaritas and palomas, or add a twist to your mojitos and spritzers – the possibilities are endless! Elevate your cocktail game with Peel & Tonic’s Lavish Lemon rimming salt. 80g.

Peel & Tonic are a family business located in Adelaide. They use local Riverland citrus in all their products.

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