Money Clip Wallet RFID

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Simplify your day.

The Money Clip Wallet from Blackinkk features curves and minimal stitching in a design that is traditional, yet modern and slim.

Premium money clip holds short currencies (AUD/USD) flat and with precision, RFID technology protects cards in the inner pockets with the outer pockets suitable for quick access tap-and-go cards.

Carry 2-8 cards with ease [RFID technology protects cards in the inner pockets / outer pockets for quick access tap-and-go cards]

Dimensions - Closed 95mm x 72mm x 10mm // Open 200 x 72mm x 15mm

Kangaroo leather has noticeable grain. In an effort to survive Australia’s harsh environment, kangaroos have developed unique characteristics - the scratches and scarring found on Blackinkk's products naturally occur on a wild kangaroo.

Blackinkk products develop a patina quickly and darken faster than other leather products.

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