Bi-fold Card Wallet

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Small, yet mighty.

Designed for the modern minimalist, it's Blackinkk's contemporary take on the traditional bi-fold with room for up to 8 cards and folded cash.

Taking inspiration from the traditional Japanese art of origami, the Bi-fold Card Wallet has clever folds, curves in right places and minimal stitching for easy and quick access to all pockets.

Four easy and quick access pockets to carry up to 8 cards and folded cash

Dimensions - Closed 65mm x 90mm x ~6mm // Open 130mm x 90mm x ~3mm

Kangaroo leather has noticeable grain. In an effort to survive Australia’s harsh environment, kangaroos have developed unique characteristics - the scratches and scarring found on our products naturally occur on a wild kangaroo.

Blackinkk products develop a patina quickly and darken faster than other leather products.

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