All Good Things Are Wild And Free  - Stationery Set

All Good Things Are Wild And Free - Stationery Set

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A stationery set including paper, envelopes, and seals and labels inspired by nature, from Flow, the international brand that celebrates creativity, mindfulness, and the pleasures of paper.

Slow down, compose your thoughts, and savour the experience of writing real letters using this beautiful stationery set with lined paper in whole and half sizes, and envelopes to cut and fold.

Illustrated by Dutch artist Valesca van Waveren, the designs are inspired by the Henry David Thoreau quotation "All good things are wild and free," and recall the simple joys of nature: pressed flowers, industrious bees, ocean-worn shells, sweet figs, noble tigers, and more.

Snail mail is alive and well!

Includes: 48 sheets of lined notepaper, 32 full-color envelopes, 53  labels and seals.

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